• DTG Kiosk 3 Direct to Garment T-shirt Printer

Engineered & built for durability & consistent print accuracy, vibrancy & most importantly white ink reliability.

Utilizing our latest high performance piezo print head technology, the DTG Kiosk 3 is among the fastest direct to garment printers in the industry, if not the fastest in its class available today. Average print resolutions of 360 x 720dpi for one pass printing on to light colored textiles will generate staggering print quantities per hour.

The Kiosk 3 is fitted with the all new 8 channel Piezo print head with ink repelling coating and constant re-circulation and pressurization.

  • Print head- Piezo capable of handling 8 colours in either dual CMYK or 4 channels of white plus CMYK.
  • A Teflon coated high performance print head with 180 nozzles per channel.
  • Adjustable pressure manifold coupled with pressure realease damper/filter throughout the entire ink path.

With less clogging and ink starvation the DTG Kiosk 3delivers superior prints with outstanding color vibrancy. The DTG Kiosk 3 is designed and optimized for superior garment decoration.

The DTG garment pallet system is truly unique on the DTG Kiosk 3 and can be optioned to print two garments at a time with our proprietary extension roller system. An optional 4 pallet assembly system is also available offering greater flexibility.

DTG Kiosk 3 Specifications :

Size    33" (W) x 24" (H) x 48" (L)
Machine Weight 260lb (approx.118kb)
Color   8 (Dual CMYK or 4" White plus CMYK)
Printhead       Piezo 180 nozzles per channel
Inks    DTG Inks - Piezo compatible pigments
Ink Delivery    Bottle - pressurized CMYK
Bottle - pressurized re-circulation - white (WMS)
Drive   Processor driven conveyor
Print Area      Max. 13" x 17" ~ 32"
Pallets         1 Adult (13" x 17") on one base
2 Adult (13" x 15") on one base (optional)
Rip     DTG Rip Pro
Electrics :
AC 110-240V 50-60Hz

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DTG Kiosk 3 Direct to Garment T-shirt Printer

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