The Lunar Prodigy is the first system designed to look beyond bone mineral density to become the most complete bone assessment tool ever devised. Prodigy’s improved technology detects subtle bone changes in a variety of clinical conditions and provides Advanced Hip Analysis and Lateral Vertebral Assessment.

  • Comprehensive Clinical Capabilities
  • Rapid Scans
  • Accurate Imaging
  • Narrow Angle Fan Beam
  • Accurate Determination


Available Applications and Options
  • AP Spine
  • Femur
  • Dual Femur
  • Advance Hip Assessment with Hip Axis Length, Cross
  • Sectional Moment of Inertia and Femur Strength Index
  • Total Body
  • Body Composition (with fat/lean assessment)
  • Dual Energy Vertebral Assessment (DVA)
  • Forearm
  • Lateral Spine BMD
  • Orthopedic Hip Analysis
  • Pediatric
GE Lunar Prodigy bone densitometer applications
  • Infant Total Body
  • Small Animal
  • OneVision
  • OneScan
  • Composer with 10-year Fracture Risk Assessment
  • Practice Management Report
  • Dexter PDA interface software
  • Computer Assisted Densitometry (CAD)
  • TeleDensitometry
  • DICOM (Work list – Color Print and Store)
  • Multi User Data Base Access (3/10)
  • HL7 Bidirectional interface
General Specifications 

  • Full: 263 x 111 x 128 cm - 272 kg
  • Compact: 202 x 111 x 128 cm - 254 kg

- Computer Workstation 
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Intel processor computer, printer and monitor

- External Shielding
Not required : X-ray safety requirements may vary upon destination. Please inquire with local regulatory authorities.

GE Lunar Prodigy bone densitometer general specifications
Environmental Requirements:
  • Ambient temperature: 18 - 27°C 
  • Power: 230/240 VAC ±10%, 10A, 50/60 Hz 
  • Humidity: 20% - 80%, non-condensing

Typical Scan Time and Radiation Dose at the Best Precision:
  • AP Spine : 30 sec : 37 μGy (< 1% CV)
  • Femur: 30 sec: 37μGy (< 1% CV) 
  • Total Body/ Body Comp. : 4 min : 0.37 μGy     (< 1% CV)
GE Lunar Prodigy bone densitometer general specifications
Features and Benefits

- A Breakthrough In Fracture Risk Assessment

  • enCore - unique software platform
  • Optimize productivity with automation break- throughs
  • Save time
  • Ensure consistent results
  • Make densitometry results accessible quickly and easily with paperless digital reporting
  • Obtain extensive options for connecting with local facility networks and the Internet
  • Integrate bone assessment results across your entire healthcare system

Complete Accuracy From Any Angle

  • Determine the true bone area and geometry with any degree of accuracy
  • Ensure precise, reliable, consistent measurement of area, bone mineral content and geometry such as hip axis length (HAL)
  • Eliminate all of the guesswork
  • Narrow-angle fan beam
  • Make multiple passes across the patient to acquire multiple images, with each image overlapping the previous on
  • Multi-View Image Reconstruction - an imaging technique perfected in computed tomography, or CT - slides these overlapping images together for a perfect match

Advanced Hip Analysis

  • Include all the standard femoral regions of interest that have been previously available
  • Plus, include the addition of other key measure- ments and assessments: 

- Hip Axis Length (HAL) - demonstrated in prospective studies as an effective adjunct to femur bone density in predicting fracture risk
- DualFemur Assessment

  • Identify the weakest femur while improving precision over single-femur measurements

- Accurately assess new diagnostic regions of interest such as the upper neck
- Femur Strength Index - unique Index combining geometrical parameters and BMD for a better assessment

- Lateral Vertebral Assessment-quantified (LVAq)

  • Improve fracture risk assessment
  • Identify and quantify existing vertebral fractures - which at least double future fracture risk regardless of a patient’s bone density
  • Subtract soft-tissue artifacts for better bone images and easier visual assessment
  • Get reference data for vertebral height and A/P ratio
  • Morphometry Wizard feature
  • Allow easy step-by-step quantification

- Total Body Assessment 

  • Ultimate in skeletal assessment
  • Get both bone density and body composition (i.e., % fat) results
  • FDA-approved, gender-matched database
  • Expand the utility beyond osteoporosis management
  • Use combined results in a variety of secondary conditions, or when spine/hip measurements are compromised

- Orthopedic Analysis 

  • enCORE software platform
  • Facilitate accurate, customized analysis
  • Easily exclude hip prostheses, metal fastenings and other artifacts from the analysis region
  • Achieve accurate bone density results
  • Customize regions of interest of any shape and size
  • Quickly define for greater utilization
  • Customize enCORE analysis
  • Assure precise results while expanding your clinical and research applications

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