Automatic Perimeter Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer HFA 3 / 830, NEW

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The New Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 from ZEISS Sets a New Standard for Efficient Visual Field Testing

New HFA3 offers gold-standard perimetry performance with technological advances – such as automated trial lens correction – that are designed to save time and reduce errors, plus test results equal to and interchangeable with test results from previous Humphrey perimeters.

The HFA3 is the first perimeter to introduce patented Liquid Lens technology, which saves time, simplifies set-up and reduces the possibility of human error in trial lens correction. In perimetry, a trial lens provides the refractive correction needed so each patient can see clearly during the test. The HFA3 replaces the old manual process with a patented Liquid Trial Lens™, which automatically delivers the appropriate refractive correction using measurement information entered into the instrument.

The HFA3 provides a streamlined and faster workflow with an array of new features designed to:

Improve confidence in test results with RelEYE™, which allows doctors to instantly review the patient’s eye position, at any stimulus point. RelEYE data is available on the instrument and when reviewing test results with FORUM® Glaucoma Workplace. It may reveal common testing problems, such as droopy lids (ptosis) or misalignment of the eye relative to the trial lens holder. 
Save time with an intuitive new SmartTouch™ interface, which reduces the number of steps required for the technician to start a perimetry exam. Faster gaze tracking provides information that helps doctors assess the reliability of test results. The gaze tracker on the HFA3 provides faster initialization and works on a wider spectrum of patients, compared to earlier models of HFA. 
Make test administration simpler, with an easy-to-use kinetic graphical user interface with a full 180-degree field of view.

HFA3 provides a streamlined and faster workflow with an array of remarkable new features designed to:

Reduce setup time with a single trial lens. Using liquid pressure, the new Liquid Trial Lens™, instantly delivers each patient's refractive correction, with the touch of a button.
Save time with an intuitive new SmartTouch™ interface that helps to shorten chair time.
Accelerate clinic flow with equipment that can be learned quickly and operated easily.
Improve confidence in visual field test results with RelEYE™. Instantly review the patient's eye position, at any stimulus point.
Gain peace of mind with seamless transferability of legacy data from the HFA II and HFA II-i to HFA3.
Easy to use kinetic graphical user interface with full 180° visual field testing range.

Liquid Lens technology: One lens, less time
The new automatic Liquid Trial Lens reduces patient setup time by automatically loading the patient’s refractive correction from their previous exam. The result is faster patient flow and reduced chance of error when selecting a lens during test setup.

SmartTouch interface: Ready, set, test!
The new HFA3 platform gets you up and running with fewer touches – simply select the patient’s name and press Start, all using an all-new color graphic user interface.

Exclusive gaze tracking: On track? Know right now
Save time with improved gaze tracking initialization.

Kinetic Perimetry: Significant advancements
Easy to use kinetic graphical user interface with full 180° testing range.

HFA review with FORUM Glaucoma Workplace from ZEISS
Review quantitative and qualitative information from all standard HFA analyses, in an easy-to-read format
Change baselines and capture, track and measure progression simply and easily with Guided Progression Analysis™ (GPA™)
Use RelEYE to preserve an image of the patient’s eye at every stimulus presentation during a SITA™ Standard test
Check for ptosis or trial lens rim artifacts as well as assess patient's compliance with RelEYE in both GPA and single-field analysis modes
Work with either Mean Deviation (MD) or Visual Field Index™ (VFI™)—or both
Generate HFA reports using a MAC or a PC

Humphrey Gold Standards

For years, the Humphrey Field Analyzer has brought certainty to glaucoma diagnosis. As the gold standard of perimetry, it is a critical diagnostic partner in thousands of practices. HFA delivers the interactive analysis you need, when and where you need it.

Visual Field Index (VFI) – VFI is a simple and intuitive global index. Its most powerful application is GPA, which trends VFI over time to project remaining vision.
GPA Alert – A message in simple language that indicates whether statistically significant deterioration was identified in consecutive visits.
STATPAC™ – The language of perimetry, STATPAC compares results to proprietary age normative and glaucoma databases.
SITA™ Strategies – Unsurpassed in efficiency, SITA is patient responsive: it learns to perform as fast as the patient.
Connectivity – HFA3 connects to other HFA3 and HFA II-i perimeters. For comprehensive connectivity, HFA3 can be connected to FORUM with FORUM Glaucoma Workplace. HFA3 also supports common file folder sharing used by most Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs).

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Automatic Perimeter Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer HFA 3 / 830

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