Automated Perimeter Kowa AP-7000, NEW!

Automated perimeter for both static and kinetic perimetry
Next generation perimeter with the gold standard threshold test
The AP-7000 is Kowa’s next generation automated perimeter that offers an extensive variety of test strategies and screening
programmes. It provides reliable and consistent assessment results due to its normalised database.
Full threshold modes offer macular, central and peripheral coverage up to 80° whilst screening modes provide swift evaluation of the visual field for relative or absolute scotomas. To shorten test times quick modes are available for both threshold and screening modes. Furthermore, by automatically correlating the fundus image (from a fundus camera, OCT or SLO) with the static visual field, early detection of glaucoma is possible.
With its ergonomic, compact design, the AP-7000 offers additional comfort to patients, easy operation for the clinician and fits perfectly within the practice. 

Fundus Oriented Perimetry
Static perimetry test can be applied to abnormal sites on a fundus images, such as a fundus photograph, OCT or SLO.
Threshold test within the central 10°, custom optional threshold that allows selection of any desired test point, and custom optional screening tests are available.
Threshold Macula 2 test, Custom opticonal threshold test and Custom optional screening test are available.
Threshold Macula 2 test examins within the central 10°, Custom optional tests allow selection of any desired test points.

In addition to test within the central 30° that can observe the progression of glaucoma, test is possible in a wide variety of range, including central 10°, which can identify visual field abnormalities in the macula.

Analytical Indices
GHT (Glaucoma Hemifield Test)
For this index, threshold center test points are divided into ten sectors, and corresponding sectors above and below the axis of the horizontal median are compared.
VFI (Visual Field Index)
A percentage index in which a normal visual field is 100% and total loss of field is 0%
Anderson's Criteria Diagnostic Support Function
If one or more of three consecutive points satisfy one or more of the conditions "PSD has p

Chronological Change Display
Test result analytical indices can be graphically displayed as time series data to give a clear grasp of changes over time in the tested eyes.

Predictive Display
Predictive graphs are displayed from calculations of linear rates of changes in analytical indices. This function predicts what values of MD and VFI (Visual Field Index) will be reached at what age, if current rates of change in those values continue.

Convenient Tabbed User Interface
Main operation buttons are grouped at the top of the page, and buttons are laid out to follow the progression of tests, from patient information entry through test program selection to result display.

4-zones measurement that goes beyond screening, and programs using probability values (p-values) in intensity steps, are among the features that enable effective test in less time.

Running tests with intensity of probability value (p-value) makes it possible to display the difference between the measured value and the normal value for each age as a p-value, so that evaluation equivalent to total deviation in thresholds can be performed in a shorter time.

"Automatic measurement function", using many median patterns, "Manual measurement function", allowing free drawing of isopters, and "auto + manual measurement function", which allows any drawing of median after automatic measurement, are among the diverse measurement method options available.

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Automatic Perimeter Kowa AP-7000, NEW!

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